Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I know this blog is about places to eat in Pune. And that by writing about Sangli, I'm not adhering to the blog title itself. But it's my blog so bugger off!!!

1. BBC
So, if you happen to go to Sangli, for whatever godforsaken reason, drop in at Shivneri (just off Maruti road - walking distance from the bus stand) for BBC.
Nope, no world radio there. BBC - boneless butter chicken.

and for 75/- the quantity and taste is totally worth it.
Just the right sweet and chilly content it's perfect on taste.
But too much butter (Sodi complained, not me) and too much colour (i still spell it the British way) gave it a few negatives.
Overall 8/10

2. Chicken Tikka
High on taste, low on succulence.

And if any one has had the Bhadang there pls tell me what is it.

Also, try the Nimbu Paani from the hand cart guy outside the bus stand.
He's definitely going to heaven!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

arre...u fool....bhadang is chiwda...or dry bhel...which has groundnuts , dry coconut...& rice-puffs...

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol....ask an American what is BBC. And dude, bhadang is a type of white murmura (rice puff)..a little shorter & fatter than the regular one.

8:54 AM  
Blogger rahul said...

well...bhadang its a kind of chiwda as stated earlier its got a stong garlic and chilly flavour... usually servd with onion and a dash of lemon juice...
It cant be stated as a sophisticated dish bt a must try for a person who likes spicy things or desi items
n hey if u eva be there again u cn also try bhel at sambha
hez got amazing chat items n datz definately worth a try!
m sure ull luv dat
regardz ,

7:23 PM  

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